Thanks for your interest in my gear and gadget reviews. I have plenty of items to discuss here, including Titanium gadgets, mil/tactical load-carrying equipment (includes messenger bags, deployment bags, etc.), pens and mechanical pencils, watches, jewelry, and leathergoods...and that's just to start. :-)

Please check back often for reviews on lots of really cool stuff that you don't know you need yet (but you really do. :-) )

When you read these reviews, please keep in mind that most of these items have been given to me by friends and family or belong to friends that have let me borrow them to review. On occasion, I will purchase items just to review and then resell them and use the funds to buy the next item for review. In any case, I receive absolutely no compensation (monetary or otherwise) from any of the manufacturers of the items I will review, so you can be assured you will receive my true, unbiased opinion of their quality.

If you have questions, please let me know...if I still have the item here to refer to, I'll try to answer any questions as best I can.

Titanium Q-Rings - two different versions shown

Nice little place on the web that sells some pretty cool items, including Steel Flame jewelry pieces.

Bottom Q-Ring has glow-powder epoxy instead of tritium

One of the neat things they’ve designed and produced are called “Q-rings”…they are separable keyrings [...]

Rick Hinderer (

Rick Hinderer makes the most awesome folding knives I’ve ever seen. I used to have a Strider SnG and sold it after receiving my Hinderer XM-18 — it is that good. The lockup is solid and centered well…it “locks up like a bank vault”, which is what I’d read about it before ordering it. I [...]

Peter Atwood (

Peter Atwood makes great little tools out of premium cutlery steel and Titanium. I have been fortunate to obtain a small handful of his wares. I think my favorite is the “Prybaby”…I have one that was made quite a few years ago that has a spanner cut into it to adjust Strider folding knife pivots. [...]

Amsler Knives (

I just received a really neat, little (and I mean LITTLE!) Titanium neck knife from “photorob” on He’s a great fellow to deal with and I am very happy with the transaction and especially with his workmanship on this knife! His website is You can see a lot of his work there. I’ve [...]

Miniature versions of your military medal ribbons… (

This guy makes really nice miniature replicas of your military medal ribbons: He’s sometimes a little hard to deal with, but the end result is worth it. The mini ribbons look great and are really well-made. I also had some mini ribbons done at another place, but they were horrible to deal with. The [...]

Colonel Littleton (

I received one of their refillable “No. 9” leather journals as a gift to take on my deployment to Iraq. It really is a beautiful journal. It’s made of very nice leather and has a wonderful aroma to it. I received the standard unlined journal (I don’t care for lines in my journals so I [...]

Saddleback Leather (

Saddleback Leather "Large Bifold Wallet"

Saddleback Leather makes some of the highest quality leatherware I’ve ever seen. A long time ago, I purchased a medium briefcase in the chestnut color. It has worn beautifully over the years. Mine is so old, it was made with the (now optional) suede lining in [...]

Tom Anderson Titanium Gadgets (

I hope Mr. Anderson isn’t offended that I call his items “gadgets”…he makes so many really cool, VERY useful little items out of solid Grade 5 Titanium, the term “gadget” fits. I am fortunate to own several of Tom’s creations. He makes them all BY HAND (i.e. NO CNC) in his shop in the basement [...]

TADGear (

Well…what to say about TAD. Hmmm…I’ve been a TADGear customer for a LONG time. I think I’ve been buying items from them almost from the time they opened. I have several of their items, including a couple of jackets, many of their pouches (S1, S2, OS, etc.), several of their “survival capsules”, a solid Titanium [...]

Flyye Nylon Products

This company appears to specialize in copying and selling very popular items sold by American dealers. One of the dealers they have copied extensively is TADGear (TripleAughtDesign Gear). Flyye sells their items primarily on eBay. There’s one dealer that ships from Hong Kong and another that ships from Japan. I’m not sure where the bags [...]