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Peter Atwood makes great little tools out of premium cutlery steel and Titanium. I have been fortunate to obtain a small handful of his wares. I think my favorite is the “Prybaby”…I have one that was made quite a few years ago that has a spanner cut into it to adjust Strider folding knife pivots.

From left to right - Atwood Nibble, PerfBaby, and SpannerBaby

He also makes really cool machined beads (“Lanslides”)…I have one in Teflon and one in Titanium. Sure wish I could get some more. They work great for lanyards.

Teflon Lanslide, Titanium green Lanslide, and a third bead by another maker

Atwood DLC WildCard

His latest item is called the ‘Roid Rench…it is a Prybaby made of almost 1/4″ thick stock! They are huge! My other one is made of about 3/16″ stock and the difference is huge…also, the steel he used on these new ones is CPM 3V and MUCH tougher than previous steels due to the heat treatment he did with these (Rockwell 57-59).

G3 PryBaby atop a G5 "Roid Rench" version for thickness comparison

G5 "Roid Rench", top...G3 PryBaby, bottom

Anyway, great stuff from a gentleman. He is a pleasure to deal with and has all sorts of great ideas. I admire him for his ability to create these items from his ideas. Here are some pics of items I have or have had in the past:

Atwood RingLeader

Atwood Son of PryThing (SOPT)

Atwood Mini Son of PryThing (DLC coated)

Atwood Big Shot prototype (Yes, it is, it is not for sale.)

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  1. 12:14 pm, December 28, 2011John  /

    Any of the atwood items for sale? And what titanium chainmaille items are in stock or available for purchase? Many thanks, Happy Holidays and God Bless.

    • 12:32 pm, December 28, 2011admin  /

      No, sorry, none of the Atwood stuff is for sale. Too hard to come by anymore at a decent price…no way I’m going to sell the stuff now.

      Only thing I have I’d consider selling are a couple of the new bronze large Lanslide beads.

      All of the chainmaille items are made to order, so you can choose any you see that you like. I have enough materials here to make most items in either Titanium or stainless steel without having to wait for materials. In fact, I just received the things I need to make either the 14ga 4-in-1 Half Persian (1/2″ rings) bracelet and/or wallet chain and the 16ga 3-in-3 (1/4″ rings). I’d run out as someone bought several at once, but I am working on more to sell now.

      Thanks for your note…

  2. 9:48 am, December 29, 2011John  /

    You have some great atwood items, if you ever decide to sell any always interested. On the chainmalle items, was looking for a titanium wallet chain, 3-in-3 in the blued color, that is 6in long. Let me know what the cost and timing might be. Many thanks.

  3. 9:50 am, December 29, 2011John  /

    ….sorry meant the flame color on that NOT the blue. Similar to the one you have shown for $285. Just looking for it 6in not 18in.

    • 8:06 pm, December 31, 2011admin  /

      Hi, John…I could do a 6″ wallet chain like the 3-in-3 flame-colored one for you for about $115 shipped.

      Please let me know if you’re interested…I could ship it out for you immediately.

      Take care and have a very safe and happy 2012. 🙂

  4. 11:31 pm, September 17, 2013Ward Christopher  /

    Hello, I am interested in a roid 5 and also a DLC wildcard or whatever you are working on this month. Thank you.

    • 2:32 am, September 18, 2013admin  /

      Hey pal…these items belong to me and are in my collection. They are NOT for sale unless you have several thousand bucks burning a hole in your pocket. 🙂

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