Rick Burkemper is a piece of shit cocksucker

Ok, so I offered to trade this asshole a $150 bead (I paid $150 FROM THE MAKER, so that was its value!) and sent him pictures of an item that he apparently never wanted to trade for in the first place, thus WASTING MY TIME.  After he did that, I blocked him and the reason I blocked him was because I did not want to waste my time or his in the future for any potential transactions.  I didn’t call him an asshole or a cocksucker or do anything else to him…I just blocked him.

So then, he decides that since he got his little panties in a wad and has some kind of personal vendetta against me that he is going to use his status as a moderator in Paul Watson’s Rotablade group to “punish” me or some shit…this little ass fucker removed me from the group and then blocked me from even being able to see the group anymore…because he does not feel like people should be able to block people on facebook.  That’s literally why.

I chatted with Paul and he has no problem with me being in his group because I haven’t done anything to him or anyone else there…this little rick burkemper shithead just wants to act like a whiny-ass little three-year-old bitch.

I have been talking to Paul Watson (the group OWNER) about this for several days now — Paul is trying to have it both ways…he’s trying to say, “Oh well I have to back up my moderators because I gave them authority to enforce my rules on my behalf, but I’m not responsible for what they actually do so I don’t understand why I would lose a customer because of something one of them does.”  Hey…guess what, Paul — IT’S YOUR GROUP.  YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR (ABUSIVE, VINDICTIVE) BEHAVIOR.  THAT’S why you will be losing a customer (and probably a lot more once others read about this) due to this moderator fuckwipe of yours in YOUR group.

I am disgusted that this little rick burkemper shithead is allowed to just ban me forever because he’s all butt-hurt that I blocked his ass, acting like a fucking drama queen…but what’s even worse is Paul Watson not accepting responsibility for the actions of HIS ADMINS that HE CHOSE…he told me he doesn’t agree with their decision to ban me forever, but that he will stand behind them just to keep them happy — he literally said exactly that…to make sure they don’t quit being his admins or something.  That’s bullshit.  That is not the right way to run a business.  He said, “Oh…but now you’re saying I’m being unfair?”…yep.  You’re damn right that’s what I am saying.  These goons you appointed as admins represent you and your business.  You trying to disavow yourself of their decisions and any repercussions from those decisions (such as losing customers) isn’t going to work, ok?  ALL I DID WAS BLOCK RICK BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANY BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS WITH HIM AND CHRIS ABLES BECAUSE HE IMPLICATED IN HIS GROUP THAT I ASKED TO JUMP THE LINE FOR WTF THOSE THINGS ARE THAT HE MAKES WHEN THAT ***NEVER*** HAPPENED.  Blocking people should not be just cause to permanently ban them from your group forever and if you stand behind their decision to do so, that makes you just as guilty of such disproportionate punishment as they are…and yes, you’ve lost me (and hopefully hundreds of others as a result) as a customer.

Here is what the little coward said today (10-26-2016):

Hello I have a dilemma here which due to circumstances outside my control I have to make a decision. I have admins who work for free and help me out. I have discussed the situation with the parties involved and asked them to resolve between each other and for whatever reason it is there seems no resolve. I therefore appologise to you for being blocked from the group and it has no reflection on my thoughts. Until you can resolve with Rick I can not get involved. As do not want to fall out with him. I have asked him to resolve with you and he has not. What ever history you two have had I can not let that spill into the group until I hear from both parties it’s been resolved. Please understand that and try and resolve direct with him.

I replied:  “Ok, well the problem is that this person is using his position to inflict punishment on me, so he is not a fair-minded person.  Is allowing him to continue this crusade important enough to you to potentially lose a customer over this? If so, that is sad.

He replied:  “I was not aware I would lose a customer over something I was not involved in. Yes the position is a difficult one.

Yes, dumbass, you are “involved” because you are the dumbass that appointed these two goons as your admins and it’s YOUR OWN FUCKING GOD DAMN GROUP.

He replied: “I am taking an impartial view and assessing the diplomatic position of resolve.”  (More bullshit)

He replied: “I mean no offence by anything I say or choose to do”  (If he allows rick-the-shithead to permanently ban me, then he tacitly “chose” to allow that to happen.)

More bullshit alert:  “Now let me explain a few things that are not meant to offend but rationalise the situation. I am also an educated person will multiple degrees and masters. I fully understand how the situation I’m faced with happens as I manage 50 people in my day job. I can see from your messages you feel unfairly treated. This is my group and I’m a very busy person but answer every single on of the 100 messages I’m receiving daily as very customer and group member gets the same treatment from me. That is why I have offered ways to resolve this. (No — he hasn’t) I could simply ignore. This group is meant to be stress free and based around the product. However it’s led to the first conversations like this. I truly feel bad this situation exists. Especially as I have not caused it been involved or know anything about history. I have stayed impartial. I will therefore asses further what your thoughts are and talk more with Rick. However you must understand that just like you would a child or a partner sometimes you may have to stand behind the decision even if you do not agree with it to avoid a bigger argument. Please now accept how I see this. All issues have 3 viewpoints each sides and then the view from outside.

Anyway, I can see where this shit is going…I am going to make sure EVERYONE knows what a little bitch this fucking cowardly asshole is…and his two fucking dipshit moderators.  I’m not giving this son of a bitch a PENNY of my God damn money now.

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