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I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veteran and am still serving.  My ETS date is in 2019, so still have a few years left (at least) before discharge. I’ll probably end up staying in for at least twenty years. Don’t plan on leaving anytime real soon.

As a result of my deployment, I have several medical issues which are troublesome and painful, but will not prevent me from being able to deploy, if called…again.

I have been making chainmaille jewelry for people since 1992, or over 25 years for the math-challenged.  🙂  I have a lot of experience working with chain maille and have recently been encouraged by friends and family to begin selling my pieces.  Having something like this to do really helps with the medical issues.  For instance, when I have trouble sleeping, I can work on these projects and it helps get my mind focussed on other things.

Here is a note someone sent me on a forum I frequent:
Thanks for doing something beautiful & positive w/your surplus time. A “Good Leader” effectively manages resources efficiently. A “Great Leader” like yourself, accomplish the same whilst “Leading & Motivating by example” as evidenced by your acts.

And I just learned that a kind fellow in Australia posted this video about the wallet chain I made for him…have a look!:
Video review of Black Magnetite and Shiny Stainless Helm wallet chain

I use the money earned from selling these pieces in order to augment our standard, lowest-bidder, government-issued gear with items that are of decent quality.  The equipment we’re issued, while adequate (at best) is far below the quality of gear available outside “official channels”.

I truly appreciate everyone’s support and words of kindness and encouragement.  I work hard with folks to make sure the chainmaille pieces they order are exactly what they want.  I pay the strictest attention to detail and will say that the quality of my work far, FAR exceeds that of anyone else making similar items today.  I use only the highest grade materials and tools to create these pieces and it will be obvious when you see it and handle your piece in your own hands.  You’ll be able to see clearly the care and time I put into making each piece perfect for you.

Do watch out for some people that try to cheap out on materials and workmanship.  I won’t rant on them here (so that they won’t know what they need to fix…I’m not a free mentor service here…:-)  ), but just on materials alone, I have them beat.  Most other makers use cheap, flimsy aluminum rings to make their items.  I use *ONLY* Grade 5 (6Al-4V) TITANIUM, 308 Stainless Steel, Brass, and Bronze rings to make my pieces.  Most of the rings I use are saw cut also, which gives an extremely professional look and feel to the finished piece.

Here is a youtube video review a fellow did about a wallet chain I built for him:

In any case, please look around and let me know if there is anything you’d like me to make for you.  I will work with you to mix/match colors and rings to make sure your piece is custom and unique to you.  Just let me know what you’d like and I’ll let you know how much it will run.

I generally only ship within the US (Alaska and Hawaii included, of course), but will make exceptions to certain countries on a case-by-case basis and under certain conditions so that you and I both are protected (insurance, full declared value, etc.).

Thanks for looking at my webpage!

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