Rick Hinderer (www.RickHindererKnives.com)

Rick Hinderer makes the most awesome folding knives I’ve ever seen. I used to have a Strider SnG and sold it after receiving my Hinderer XM-18 — it is that good. The lockup is solid and centered well…it “locks up like a bank vault”, which is what I’d read about it before ordering it. I do not forsee ever needing another folding knife and to that end, have ended up selling off almost every folding knife I had.

Hinderer XM-18

Being a soldier, I was fortunate to be able to order from Mr. Hinderer directly prior to my deployment to Iraq. He is so swamped that he will only sell directly to verified active military members and law enforcement officers. I truly appreciate that he does this…I took my ACU camo scaled XM-18 with me to Iraq and carried it every time I went outside our camp and when I was not at work. Due to our duty positions, we were not allowed to have knives (or cell phones, cameras, etc.) in our work area.

Hinderer XM-18

Hinderer XM-18

Rick also makes awesome pens. I used to have a Deluxe Kubaton/Pen set, but sold it. I still have a Kubaton, a full-size Titanium pen, and an Investigator pen. The Investigator pen is the one I carry most often because it fits in the pen slots on my ACUs. It and the full-size pen (and kubaton, of course) are all very effective self-defense tools, in trained/skilled hands.

Hinderer Deluxe Titanium Pen/Kubaton Set

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