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Well…what to say about TAD. Hmmm…I’ve been a TADGear customer for a LONG time. I think I’ve been buying items from them almost from the time they opened. I have several of their items, including a couple of jackets, many of their pouches (S1, S2, OS, etc.), several of their “survival capsules”, a solid Titanium Dog Tag Knife, and a foliage green Dispatch Bag…and probably a lot of other items I can’t recall right now. All these items were manufactured in the USA, before they started having the stuff manufactured overseas. Since that time, I can’t really bring myself to buy their stuff anymore.

I saw they had a new Survival Capsule (the “Omega”) available and bought one to check out. I was intrigued by the inclusion of a 1″ quick-release sling ring. That is a novel idea and it works great. The Omega capsule is manufactured in the US, which is great. It also has an o-ring on each end to maintain a waterproof seal. I think the Tom Anderson keychain vial has it beat with it’s two o-ring seal vs. the one o-ring seal with the Omega. It’s perfect for carrying around medication, emergency cash, matches, etc. One thing I’m disappointed with is TAD used to include contents for your survival capsule on all the previous models…4-5 strike anywhere matches, a birthday candle, SAK tweezers, quick tender, fish hook, and a small amount of fishing line. Now, they’ve cheaped out and don’t include ANYTHING with them. Such a shame…they’re nothing like what they used to be. At least their customer service has gotten better over the years with the new staff they’ve hired recently.

Here are a few pics of the capsule…

TADGear Omega Survival Capsule:

Omega capsule with Pyser SAS compass (NOT included) in small compartment:

Omega capsule – large compartment:

Omega capsule with quick-release detached:

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