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This company appears to specialize in copying and selling very popular items sold by American dealers. One of the dealers they have copied extensively is TADGear (TripleAughtDesign Gear).

Flyye sells their items primarily on eBay. There’s one dealer that ships from Hong Kong and another that ships from Japan. I’m not sure where the bags are actually made.

A friend of mine ordered one after seeing my TADGear Dispatch Bag (in foliage green) and decided he wanted one. Well, guess what…TAD didn’t have any in stock (of course…as usual…), so that’s when we checked eBay and found Flyye.

The “Medium” Flyye Dispatch Bag, shown here with various patches (NOT included with the bag):

Their “medium” bag is a couple of inches smaller all the way around than the TADGear bag. The large version is identical in size to my TADGear one.

One thing we were curious about was whether it had the same pockets and features as my TADGear one. Turns it, it does. It even has the “gear cave” or whatever TAD calls theirs…the small, zippered pocket for a flashlight, keys, etc. It has the removeable admin pouch, just like the TAD one and a padded, velcro-secured laptop compartment…again, just like the TAD one.

There is MOLLE webbing on both side panels and on the front, but none on the back. This configuration is the same as TADGear’s current “Sz2” model, which is out of stock and has been for a long time. Even when they last had it in stock, it was only available in black. The Flyye one is available in black, khaki (desert tan), OD green, Ranger green, coyote brown, and Multicam. My friend got the Multicam version. The material is authentic 1000D Cordura Crye Precision Multicam with what appears to be 200D or 300D packcloth on the interior for the laptop compartment.

Like the TADGear version, the Flyye bag includes a padded, adjustable, removeable shoulder sling. The exterior rear compartment is lined on one wall with loop Velcro for you to attach a holster. You’ll need to provide your own holster as one is not included with the bag.

Up until a few years ago, TADGear’s bags were all made within the United States. The quality was great, but you did pay a premium because the bag was made in the USA. TADGear has moved all their manufacturing overseas now and has kept their prices the same (and raised them on most items) so now, you’re paying a LOT of money for stuff made in Asia. Given our current US economy, how do you feel about that? Think it’s a good idea to build up China while the US economy tanks because people moved the jobs overseas? I don’t.

Now, Flyye’s gear is also made overseas…but so is TADGear’s stuff now, so as far as quality goes, you’re not really losing anything by buying the Flyye bag over a TADGear one. Flyye’s products also cost significantly less than TADGear’s stuff. Unfortunately, I have moral problems with companies that rip off the designs of others, seeing as people are ripping off the unique method I use to make my cobra bracelets…

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  1. 1:20 pm, April 5, 2014Rexx  /

    Thanks for the review of the Flyye Dispatch Bag. I have been disappointed that TAD Gear has not produced any Dispatch bags in the past few years. The Dispatch is definitely one of the slickest tactical messenger bags out there, and it has that timeless classic look to it (similar to how TImbuk2’s don’t seem dated). I found the Flyye on ebay and ordered mine in Khaki. I would love to see TAD start producing the Dispatch again so I can buy American-made, but until then…the Flyye will have to suffice.

    • 8:32 pm, April 27, 2014admin  /

      I totally agree, Rexx…things like that are why I’ve pretty much given up trying to buy anything from TADGear and have started making my own nylon gear for myself and others.

      Thanks for your comment! I hope you’ll like your new Flyye dispatch bag and will get lots of use from it.

      Please also check out my other website at …that is where I showcase some of the nylon tactical gear I’ve been selling lately.

      Take care…

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