Miniature versions of your military medal ribbons… (

This guy makes really nice miniature replicas of your military medal ribbons:

He’s sometimes a little hard to deal with, but the end result is worth it. The mini ribbons look great and are really well-made.

I also had some mini ribbons done at another place, but they were horrible to deal with. The guy on the phone was rude and indifferent about when I got my ribbons. Also, the reason I had to call them was because their website does NOT have all the attachments listed for each medal. For instance, you cannot add a campaign star to your Iraq Campaign Medal. I called them to ask them why and they used the excuse that they “haven’t updated their website yet”. Hey…guess what…it’s been like that for three years now. So no, I’m not buying it…literally. Their ribbons are also actual cloth, so you can’t get them wet. The ones from the link above are acrylic and are waterproof.

My acrylic ones from the link above have worn ok, I guess. I wear them on my hat and the paint has begun to come off in some places, so that’s a little disappointing. But overall, they are very nice. I think if I were to send it back to the guy with the paint coming off, he’d probably fix it, but I’ll wait until it looks pretty bad before trying to send it back. Right now, it doesn’t look too terrible…just noticable.

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