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I just received a really neat, little (and I mean LITTLE!) Titanium neck knife from “photorob” on He’s a great fellow to deal with and I am very happy with the transaction and especially with his workmanship on this knife!

His website is You can see a lot of his work there.

I’ve received his permission to use his pics, so will post them here…his pics are a lot better than mine would be. All pics are courtesy of Amsler Knives.

Knife shown here in adult hand for size comparison.

The knife is about 5″ long overall and the cutting surface is 2″. The blade is the “tanto” type. The pin and lanyard bushing are also solid Titanium and are anodized to match the finish on the blade. On the one I got, the blade has a brushed teal green and bronze finish. It’s just beautiful.

My knife is the one on top here...

The scales on this one are ACU camouflage pattern G10…the manufacturer of this type G10 calls it “digital camo”, but it is indeed ACU.

Shown here in low light...

There’s also a nice little black nylon lanyard tied to it with a matching teal green anodized Titanium bushing. It really compliments the knife very well.

The Kydex sheath is molded to assure a snug fit for the knife, but still be easily deployed quickly, if needed. He also incorporates a unique o-ring locking system for additional retention where rapid deployment may not be necessary. It is a very clever system. There are plenty of grommets installed in the sheath to allow various attachment methods. You could easily attach it to a Tek-lok fastener, for instance.

The Tritium tube is very bright!

Now, one of the scales is cut to fit a large Tritium tube and set with Norland 61 clear epoxy. The one on mine is white and you can read by it in complete darkness, if necessary. It looks great in low light hanging around your neck.

So, to conclude, this is a great little custom Titanium neck knife and his prices are quite reasonable for the work he puts into these.

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  1. 1:48 pm, May 13, 2012Gr Egory  /

    Wow ! Very nice ! Cool !

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