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Saddleback Leather "Large Bifold Wallet"

Saddleback Leather makes some of the highest quality leatherware I’ve ever seen. A long time ago, I purchased a medium briefcase in the chestnut color. It has worn beautifully over the years. Mine is so old, it was made with the (now optional) suede lining in the bag. It’s extremely classy, luxurious even…and has the wonderful smell of fine leather.

Saddleback Leather "Large Wallet" - Great for travel...took this one with me to Iraq and on R&R leave to London

They use the 4-5 ounce FULL GRAIN leather. This part of the hide is far superior to the “top grain” stuff their competitors use. What that means is the Saddleback briefcase will last for generations instead of a decade or less (the “others).

Their customer service is somewhat of an enigma. I’ve sent them questions before and received answers that appear as if the person responding hasn’t read my actual question and answered some other question instead. Also, their shipping is quite (VERY) slow. I was told it takes 2-3 days to ship something, even if it is in stock. To me, if it takes that long to ship something, that means the company needs to shut down taking orders for a while so they can catch up and ship packages the same day or day after they’re purchased -or- they need to hire more people to help with shipping. Heaven knows they make enough profit on the bags, they can DEFINITELY afford to do that.

And…their shipping is extremely high. I asked them if they could ship a very small wallet via USPS First Class or Priority Mail and they pulled the old “handling fee” line with me…they said they “have to use brown paper to properly package the wallet”…right…a wallet…a wallet that even they claim will last for generations is so delicate that it can’t be just put in a box and shipped? I mean, really? I’m not buying it…literally…I haven’t bought anything from them in years due to their extremely high-priced shipping. You pay the same amount for shipping whether you’re in Texas (where they ship from) or Washington state…even though shipping companies charge less to ship the closer you are to the origin. It’s just another way for them to pocket some extra cash and I DON’T appreciate that AT ALL.

Finally, if you live in the great state of Texas, you’re going to be charged sales tax. My recommendation if you live in TX is to try and find what you want second-hand. You’ll get it at a better price, no tax, and reasonable shipping.

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