Lingua Machining Solutions = Lying Douchebag

This cocksucker said he was going to have my spinner out the first week of fucking July, but apparently he is full of fucking shit. No. Apparently, he’s sitting around on his fucking ass not making the damn things while sucking up everyone’s money.

Fuck you, asshole. Fuck you straight up the ass with a fucking chainsaw, you lazy shit fucker.

Edit:  It is now August 11th and this fuckwipe STILL has not shipped that piece of shit spinner yet.  “Waaaaahhhhhhh …..I’m out of town……..waaaaahhhhhh……black oxide parts get done last because they’re a pain in the ass and that’s what you ordered so FUCK YOU — YOU GET YOURS FUCKING LAST!!!!!”

What a fucking bitch.  I hope his ass gets handed to him and he goes fucking bankrupt.

Edit:  Apparently, “joey” there got his lace panties in a knot because I called him out in his group for fucking around taking VACATIONS after staying to me and ALL HIS OTHER KICKSTARTER BACKERS THAT HE WAS “OUT OF TOWN FOR WORK”…it pissed him off that I simply said, “I thought you said you were out of town ‘for work’…” in his stupid ass Facebook group, so he banned me from his group and refunded my pledge…which is awesome because I wanted a refund TWO MONTHS AGO WHICH IS WHEN HE INITIALLY TOLD ME MY SPINNER WOULD SHIP!!!!!!

What a fucking douchebag.  I am NEVER going to give that bag of shit a PENNY of my fucking money again!!!  Fuck that shithead!!!!!

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