“End of the Line Holsters” / “William Preston Fouch” – Do NOT order from him. EXTREMELY LAZY, INCOMPETENT, and DISHONEST.

“End of the Line Holsters” / “William Preston Fouch” – Do NOT order from that dumbass.

I began ordering a holster from this con artist back on June 16th. It is now July 13th and I still do not have this God-forsaken holster and apparently wouldn’t have had it for at least another TWO WEEKS.

Yes. They’re custom. Fine. It took this yoyo an enormously long time between communications with me about this stupid holster. Apparently, most people don’t carry kydex holsters (in camo) on riggers belts, so he didn’t have clips in stock to fit a standard military width pants belt. He could’ve asked me what size belt I’d be using when I placed the order on June 16th, but he did not.

Then I find out he ONLY ORDERS SUPPLIES LIKE THIS ON SATURDAYS. So. Saturday…meaning his supplier won’t get the damn order until Monday…then they’ll take their sweet ass time shipping his order out so they won’t go out until Monday (LOL YEAH, RIGHT!!!) or Tuesday or Wednesday. Then 3-5 days for him to get them…then if he gets off his lazy ass and ships it to me immediately, still ANOTHER 3-5 DAYS IN TRANSIT TO ME.

I told him to just keep the damn thing. I’m sick of dealing with him anymore. This holster has been the biggest pain in the ass to order. He told me he could do Multicam…then it turns out he really can’t. Then he said he could order it from his supplier…then his supplier doesn’t have it…then he said he could print the pattern onto it with some kind of glue adhesive (yeah…should with GREAT IN TEXAS…it was 110 DEGREES HERE TODAY!)…I told him to just forget Multicam and do it in Kryptek Highlander because I’m not interested in having to deal with glued-on crap on top of kydex.

Then the pic he sent of my holster didn’t look ANYTHING ANYWHERE NEAR LIKE THE ONE HE SHOWED ON HIS WEBSITE. So I pointed that out and he didn’t care and didn’t give an explanation for that.

Then, he tried to get me to take some crapped-up thing that had oval holes cut into the leather to wear it which was ALSO NOT WHAT WAS SHOWN ON HIS WEBSITE.  My objections to his trying to make me accept a totally different design from what he showed on his website is what he claims is me making “changes to the order”.  Umm…no.  I’ told him to stop trying to pawn off some stupid design and instead, MAKE WHAT I PAID FOR.

So when I told him I wouldn’t wear it that way, he tries to pawn off some razor-thin metal clips for me to wear which will cut into my sides instead of the plastic ones shown on his website.  He had no legitimate explanation of how they are “better”…just that they’d be “better for what you’re wanting to do…”…whatever the hell that means.

Then, I hadn’t even asked him for a refund yet…just told him I needed it soon and begun to not care about it anymore because it was taking too long.  All the while he’s building orders for everyone else that ordered after me.  Anyway, I hadn’t asked for a refund, but he decided to copy and paste some blurb about “I don’t do refunds” from his website.  He proceeded to do that three separate times.  Eventually, I did say I wanted a refund because it was clear he hadn’t done ANY of the so-called “customization” he said was the reason he “doesn’t do refunds”.

THEN — I told him to just keep the stupid thing and he told me he “couldn’t do that to me” and that he’d have my holster out on Monday July 17th, 2017.  Right.  Whatever.

I didn’t believe him (because he hadn’t even bothered to etch my unit patch or stamp my name on it), so I wasn’t surprised at all when Monday came and went and there was no indication he shipped it and no communication from him about it.  Zero.

Tuesday came and went.  Zero comms from him.

I waited until Wednesday to ask him for tracking info and apparently that made him mad because he sent me a message saying he was refunding my order…even though he went to great lengths three times previously to whine that he “doesn’t do refunds”.  But — he didn’t send the refund…he just said he did.  He sent me a screenshot showing he completely cleaned every penny out of his PayPal account ON MONDAY!!!  The ONLY REASON someone would do that is if they had absolutely no intent whatsoever to ship an item and they were preparing to have a dispute/claim opened up on them in PayPal for non-receipt of a product.  (He obviously didn’t intend to send me that part of the screenshot, but I still saw it anyway…)

That proves he was just stalling for time so that the time limit for a claim would pass and I wouldn’t be able to file a claim on him with PayPal.  And he drained his account by withdrawing all funds to his bank account just in case I opened up a claim in time.  Pathetic.

After asking about ten times for an explanation of his lying lack of integrity and honor, he basically said he didn’t feel like shipping it Monday.  No explanation about why he didn’t communicate that to me at some point in time between Monday and Wednesday when I finally asked for the tracking info.  The mere act of asking him for the tracking info pissed him off enough to (supposedly) send the refund.  Oh, and he claims he would only refund what I paid minus PayPal fees.  Apparently, he has no clue he has to refund the entire amount, but he’ll learn.  🙂

I still have no indication from PayPal that he is sending a refund.

I am so over this. Do not order from this lazy SOB unless you want to wait six to eight weeks OR LONGER for your holster…and then maybe he’ll actually ship it…or not.

Stay FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THIS LITTLE BOY.  He does not deserve your hard-earned money for his overpriced crap.

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