Greg Burger is a Cocksucker

This fuckwipe makes some shitty ass titanium bit drivers.  I messaged him to ask if he sold them and his response was…(get this — total fucking dickbag move)…

“Hello yes those are my drivers and I do sell them but don’t take orders for them. I do make them available for sale through my Instagram and Facebook group as I finish them”

Can you believe that pretentious, arrogant little bitch?????  As if his shit is just that good that he can fucking limit who can buy them.

I politely told him I never win shit like that, ability to buy should not depend on a random fucking event and wasn’t interested in his shit anymore, so the little bitch blocked me on Facebook.  ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!!   Butt-hurt little bitch.  hahahahahaha I absolutely HATE shitheads like this faggot ass.  He needs his fucking teeth punched out of his ugly ass face…fucking cocksucker.

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