Do NOT buy from!!!!!

I don’t know what’s happened with, but I would very strongly advise you to avoid buying from them under any circumstances.

Last time I ordered from them, everything was great. Their prices were better than and the quality of their nametapes was great.

Well…I just received my second order from them.  I don’t know exactly what the hell their problem is now, but the nametapes and rank I ordered from them smell HORRIBLE!!!!!  SMELLS LIKE SOME DUMBASS MADE THEM WHILE RESIDING IN THE WORLD’S LARGEST GOD DAMNED ASHTRAY.  Absolutely DISGUSTING.  Everything reeks of vile, disgusting, nauseating tobacco smoke….and I mean the shit the fucking Iraqi assholes smoke…just horribly putrid.  I had to leave the shit outside to air out so it wouldn’t stink up my entire house.

I will NOT be ordering from these disgusting half-wits again!!!!!!!!  What the hell are you dipshits thinking???  You think non-smokers can’t smell that shit???  Or do you just not give a shit and think you have some kind of fucking god damn right to smoke or something while you’re making OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF???  Well, now EVERYONE will know about this so they won’t order from you if they don’t want their stuff to smell like straight up ASS.

Email I sent them:

Do NOT buy from!!!!!

Just filthy and disgusting.  Completely gross.

You people seriously need to stop running your fucking nametape business IN A STRIP CLUB, BAR, CASINO, BROTHEL, OR WHATEVER OTHER SMOKE-FILLED SHITHOLE YOU’RE RUNNING IT IN.

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