Here is why is the worst forum on the Internet…

a2jacketpatches on and on ebay is a lying, cocksucking son of a bitch. I hope he burns in hell and the sooner the better. 🙂

Just wanted to tell everyone about the unprofessionalism going on with the admin of this forum. They’re a bunch of spineless cowards. They get REALLY mad whenever you stand up for yourself against the lies some of their idiot members post.

First and foremost, the idiot that runs it (Johanna Schroer) is a bad, evil, unscrupulous person. I hope her entire site crashes and is unrecoverable. She’s too stupid and too much of a horrible person to deserve to be able to have a forum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a miserable, pathetic excuse for a woman before. Her behavior is absolutely appalling and I would be surprised if she isn’t routinely slapped across the face if she acts the same way in real life as she does on this god-forsaken forum of hers. Oh, and God forbid she actually spend any of the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS she collects for ads on IMPROVING HER WEBSITE and MAKING THE SEARCH WORK WORTH A DAMN. Here are just a few of the atrocities she has committed on that forum:

1. She REGULARLY CENSORS any posts that she deems puts her “paid advertisers” in a bad light, EVEN IF WHAT WAS POSTED WAS TRUE AND FACTUAL!!!!! She personally told me via PM that she “hid” a thread that several of us posted in where we outlined our horrible experiences trying to buy things from springfield leather. There are likely other threads she has “hidden” (DELETED) for similar reasons. She told me it was temporarily “hidden” until “kevin” (some idiot from springfield leather) returned from a show and was able to address the issues. That was SEVERAL YEARS AGO, he NEVER addressed ANY of our issues, and the thread is STILL “HIDDEN”.

2. She removes users’ ability to send private messages constantly. If she “discovers” (by actually READING YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES OR OTHERWISE!!!) that you are warning other users about buying from certain “paid advertisers” of her forum, she will REMOVE YOUR ABILITY TO ACCESS YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES!!!!!

3. If you post a reply to someone that is acting like a horse’s ass in the forum, she will remove your ability to post and place you in what the idiot refers to as “moderator queue”. This kind of crap results in you not being able to buy items from the forum because they take anywhere from a few hours to a few DAYS to “approve” your posts so that they’ll FINALLY show up on the forum. This is unfair and wrong…and a HORRIBLE way to treat your forum users. For all these reasons, and ESPECIALLY because of her demonstrated passive-aggressive tendencies, she has no business running a forum because she has proven repeatedly by these behaviors that she is a BAD, UNSCRUPULOUS, DISHONEST PERSON!!!!!

A lot of the nasty users on there got mad because I put up a post asking to buy some used tools and leather scraps. It made them mad because they apparently didn’t have the balls to make a post asking for the same things, so they got really mad that I asked for those things. Apparently they thought they are more deserving to buy those things than I am even though I am an Iraq War disabled American veteran.

They’re all a bunch of liberals too because it made all their members angry when I posted that I was a disabled veteran that got into leatherwork as part of my rehabilitation. I guess they are scared I will take sales away from them. And because of that, I certainly hope to do so now. 🙂

Anyway, these idiot mods/admins on there got mad that I defended myself against these jerks and put my posts in “moderation queue” because they’re too spineless to allow me to post now. They’re scared of the whining from their members, which is also sad and pathetic.

Since they’ve been blocking my posts, I then sent the same info they’re too frightened to allow me to post via private message so now they’ve blocked that.

What a bunch of jackasses.

Oh well, they aren’t the only forum in the world. I’ll just go elsewhere. Bunch of damn morons. God you people are stupid. I hope your crappy website crashes and you lose all your advertisers…and all that ####### cash you pocket, you ####### ##### (“johanna”)…you idiot.

And by the way, I’ll just let y’all see if you can guess what j.I.A.F.C.B.W stands for. 😀


Oh, and by the way…this “a2jacketpatches” asshole is a cocksucking son of a bitch and I hope he fucking burns in hell…lying ass son of a bitch. This moron thinks three watchers on an ebay auction is “LOTS OF WATCHERS!!!! SO YOU BETTER HURRY UP AND BUY IT FAST!!!!!!!”

Fucking lying asshole…fuck off and die you fucking shitbag.

This idiot’s ebay usernames are a2jacketpatches and a2jp2013 in case you want to steer clear of him and his retarded, dishonest, false urgency sales tactics. People that do stuff like that are also known for “shilling” their own listings to illegally raise the bids on their listings, so BUYER BEWARE.

Here’s where I called this moron out on his lying BS about having “LOTS OF WATCHERS”…pretty hilarious, actually. 🙂

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  1. 11:26 pm, August 25, 2014a2jacketpatches-the-cocksucker  /

    Hi I’m a2jacketpatches and I like to post stupid, dumbass LIES to generate a lot of hype and false urgency to try to trick people into thinking the crap I’m selling is in high demand when it’s not in demand at all.

    I’ve been told that it’s dishonest to do that but since all I care about is trying to stick someone for as much money as possible, I don’t care. That’s just the kind of dishonest ass hat I am. 🙂

    I’m also a faggot ass cocksucker, so hit me up on ebay under a2jacketpatches if you’re a hot male in the North Las Vegas area and want to hook up. 🙂 I also have relatives in Reedley California if anyone there would like to meet up. Let me know!! You can find me on under the username a2jacketpatches. Look forward to meeting some hot guys in my areas.

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