Micro SERE kit available from ME. :-)

Re: http://pig-monkey.com/2012/11/3/micro-sere-kit/

If you want one of these, please send me a message here in the comments section and I will let you know the details. I can make these in black, red, maroon, Multicam, and A-TACS (AU) camouflage. Price is $45 shipped within the USA and includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

Don’t bother trying to get one from TADgear — they only made these for some mall ninja wannabes for some sort of love-fest they had a while ago. Mine are made BETTER than the sucky tadgear ones also because mine are double stitched around the perimeter and made of a double layer of 1000D Cordura…not a single layer of 320D like theirs were.

I’m also an OIF veteran and soldier and make all my items with US-manufactured, military-specification materials as well as mil-spec construction methods. I’d really appreciate your business very much.

Here are pics of mine:
Pic of my military SERE pouch stowed.
Pic of my military SERE pouch half stowed.
Pic of my military SERE pouch open.

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  1. 11:02 am, January 3, 2013Cody 

    Hey, trying to look at the link you posted there. It won’t allow me to see the discussion. Might be interested in a kit if I can see what it looks like.

    • 1:58 pm, January 9, 2013admin 

      Ok, no problem…here are links to the pics…

      Price is $48 shipped within the US and includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

      Thanks very much for your interest in my work!

      Edit: I’m not sure if you people are under the impression that I am going to just GIVE these away to you, but I am not. It takes me several hours to make one of these due to the superior construction methods I use — at the current price, I am only making about $4/hr after materials cost, so this is the price and that is the cheapest it will ever be. If anything, I will RAISE the price later.

      If you want one, you ain’t gonna get one from TADGear so I am the only source for these. Even at that, it is still a fair price for this pouch.

      If you’re a tire-kicker or low-baller, go bother someone else because I don’t have time for it.

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