Thought I might list all the things I am thankful of right now…

1. …my family and friends. They are the dearest things to me in the world.

2. …the kind folks that have purchased my hand-made Titanium items in the past and the ones that will in the future.

3. …that I am safely back in the United States……..for now…

4. Finally, I am extremely thankful that I am NOT a member of the stupid “jerzeedevil” forum, nor the stupid “usual suspect network” forum (and the idiot-run “edc forum” also, but I’ve been off of there for a LONG time…). All are collosal wastes of time with a membership consisting largely of posers, pogues, mall-ninjas, chairborne rangers, and arrogant, ignorant know-it-alls that spout off things of which they haven’t a clue as if they are a friggin’ AUTHORITY on the subject. I HATE those people and am EXTREMELY THANKFUL not to be associating with them anymore. I feel so much cleaner now, not having to deal with idiots like that.

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