The Fedora Lounge admins are a bunch of pussy ass cocksuckers — avoid their faggot ass forum at all costs

These cocksuckers apparently can’t manage their forum effectively because a few days ago, some shithead spammer started posting over a dozen spam messages on their shitty ass forum.

I reported the posts and told the spammer to go find something productive to do instead of spam the forum and then *I* got banned.

It took these dipshits well over an hour to do anything about the idiot’ spam and during that entire time, I received dozens of email notifications for new posts in that group.  The dumbshit admins didn’t do ANYTHING about any of this for a LONG time.

You pussy-ass admin shitheads on the fedora lounge can all go fuck yourselves, you understand me?  Your forum sucks cock and you’re a bunch of faggot ass pansies.  There is absolutely no useful information on your dumbass forum and your members are fucking snowflakes.  Fuck every last one of you cocksuckers.  FUCK OFF AND DIE — HOPEFULLY SOONER THAN LATER, YOU FUCKING FUCKWITS.

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