Idiots on eBay

So I get a bunch of hatemail from a bunch of morons on ebay.  Mainly it’s from people that don’t like veterans, disabled veterans, or those “saying” they are disabled veterans and then accusing me of NOT being a disabled veteran…”people be crazy”…:)  Anyway, I thought folks might enjoy seeing just what kind of outright horse crap I get to deal with from jackasses on a daily basis.  Enjoy!  These are their *real* ebay usernames, so feel free to send them messages too to straighten them out, if you’d like.  I know I have.  🙂


Do NOT sell anything to Rob Zemlick — he’s a fucking cocksucker.  Fucking little shit is disrespectful toward veterans.  You’re better off not dealing with this little ass fucker.

Marc Reeves on the “mighty turkshead knot” on facebook is a cocksucking asshole.  Here’s his profile — he’s a pathetic little piece of shit cocksucker.


Here’s another shithead I just found…his name is “john lee pedophile”…I mean…”john lee pettimore”…and now he’s trying to say his name is “john luker”…

So here’s what this douchebag posted on

Why did I start making chainmaille jewelry? It’s a long story. I saw a thread a guy had on another forum. He had Half Persian 3 in 1 Ti bracelets he’d made. I wanted one. I started a conversation with the guy and, well, quite frankly he was a bit of a d*ck antisocial. So I decided to make my own. I didn’t realize I’d picked the hardest pattern and the most difficult material to work with. Several times I almost quit. I kept at it because, well, I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. I’m glad I did.

Ok, first off, this douchebag is talking about ME.  I am pretty sure I remember my conversation with him…he either lowballed my prices or he messaged me wanting me to give him free tutorials on how to make chainmaille so he could (try to) make shitty chainmaille and attempt (feebly) to compete with me.  Second, his chainmaille looks like straight up ASS.  Third, he’s been on etsy for two years and has ZERO SALES, so I’m not the only one that thinks his chainmaille looks like shit.  Fourth — Yeah, ASSHOLE — it IS the hardest pattern and titanium IS the most difficult material to work with…THAT’S WHY THEY COST WHAT THEY COST AND WHY I GET PISSED OFF WHEN LOW-BALLING COCKSUCKERS LIKE YOU WHINE ABOUT MY FUCKING PRICES.  Fucking ass-fucker…

So…I saw this asshole’s post on edcforums and sent him this through his dumbass etsy store:

Subject: Oh, so I’m a dick, huh?

If I was a dick to you, then you deserved it. I’m not a dick to anyone until they disrespect me first. What I’m guessing happened is you contacted me on one of my sales threads either lowballing my prices or wanting me to give you free tutorials on how to make chainmaille or some BS like that…either one of those things happen, I shut those people down immediately.

And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Pretty sure I am the one you called a dick there because I’m pretty sure I remember your name from you contacting me before. My username on other forums is “jumpmaster”…just to prove I’m the one you cowardly called a dick there.

He replied:

Apparently I was correct. Thank you for your service. If you really did. Lots of imposters out there pretending to be something they aren’t.

My reply…

Yeah, and apparently you’re an ***hole because I don’t treat people with contempt just for the hell of it and yes, I damn sure am serving. Been to Iraq already and STILL IN, JACKASS. Oh, and by the way, the quality of your “chainmaille” sucks…that’s why people buy mine instead of yours, idiot.

What a dumbass.  I really hate people like this shithead…he tried to make it sound like I was just an asshole to him for the hell of it…no provocation at all from him…yeah…bullshit.


Here is the latest asswipe…his username is bjsdad2008-68 — this fucktard put in a low-ball “offer” on one of my cobra buckle key lanyards for $30.  I told his dumb ass that $30 doesn’t even cover the cost of the God damn COBRA BUCKLE…here is what I sent him:

I saw your $30 bid on the cobra buckle lanyards I’m selling. That doesn’t even cover the cost of the buckle by itself.

If you want some cheapie lanyard, I sell a different lanyard without the cobra buckle for about $23 shipped, but there is no way I can sell a cobra buckle lanyard for $30…I’d be literally giving them away and losing $20-30 of my time and other materials in the process. I don’t know if you know what all is involved in making these, but they are a huge pain in the rear.

So this was his reply:

No problem. It was just a offer. I’ve got several I’ve bought from SOE (special operations equipment). I was just gonna give one of these a try. Thanks. If I change my mind I’ll let u know

As if I would actually sell him SHIT now…lol!!!  Here was my next reply…

So….SOE charges $59 shipped for the exact same thing I make…mine is $2 less than that (mine is $57 shipped) and is as good as or better than his…

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out why his is apparently worth $59, but mine is apparently only worth the cost of the cobra buckle…($30)

Oh, well…doesn’t matter — you’re blocked now anyway. 🙂

So then he got his little panties in a knot and sent this…

Gonna block me cause I offered 30 f$ck you you fuc$%ng rip off

Anyone care to explain to me how ***I*** am a “rip off” when MY fucking cobra buckle lanyard is $2 LESS than the other one he bought is???  How in the hell does THAT work???  Here’s what I sent him back and then I blocked him so that I won’t receive anymore messages from his retarded ass anymore…

How is mine a “rip off” when it’s TWO DOLLARS CHEAPER THAN SOE’S???

God, you are a dumbass…

Really sick of dipshits like him lately…fucking freeloading, chinese import-buying, walmart loving shitheads.


I’ll have to give you some background on some of these so that you’ll understand the comments…this idiot (ja*******…….I mean “ja*******” lol!) put in a $25 “offer” (which was automatically rejected because I’m not an idiot) on a $950 parachute canopy…basically a brand new parachute that sold for $1200…$950 is a fair price with less than 100 jumps on it and including shipping.

Anyway, I sent him the following:

Uhhh….yeah….$25 for a basically brand new Sabre…I don’t deal with crack-smokers — you’re blocked.

So here are his replies (I don’t reply to morons):

Wow way to get butt hurt over nothing. Honestly I’m not even interested in your canopy

Oh…right…he’s “not even interested”…that’s why he made a low-ball “offer” on it…sure…

And his next reply…apparently, he was feeling insecure and decided to become defensive about his dumbshit, low-ball offer and tried to justify his stupid-ass “offer”…

Mainly did it since you had the blurb at the end of your description basically asking for money because you are an OIF vet. Not cool. This is coming from an OIF and OEF vet. Just saying.

……………….yeah.  Right.  I PROVOKED him into doing that…fucking asshole…

You know what?  Yeah, I am going to tell people about myself…I feel like people should be fully informed before giving their money to someone over the Internet.  If that helps someone make the decision to support me as an OIF disabled veteran over some beer-guzzling idiot that HASN’T served his country, then yes…I am going to tell them who I am and for what I stand.  I truly do not care IN THE LEAST if this halfwitted monkey likes it or not, honestly.  Couldn’t care less.

Also, I was not “basically asking for money”…here is what this douchenozzle’s talking about:

“A little about me…
I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veteran and am still serving as my ETS date is not until 2019. I enjoy making SERE Pouches, 550 cord bracelets, chainmaille bracelets, and wallet chains and have been doing so for many years now. Making things like the chainmaille and 550 cord bracelets in my other listings has started to help a lot with issues I have as a result of OIF, especially the sleep problems. Thank you so much for your support!”

I don’t see anywhere in there where I am “basically asking for money”…what a dumbass.

Anyway, I just added this little dipshit to my block list just now so any other messages he attempts to send will not be delivered.  Awwww…….poor widdle baby…….:)  He can go find someone else to troll now, the fucking LIAR.  There is NO way in HELL he’s a vet because one of his buddies would have beat some sense into his dumb ass before now if he acted like this in real life in the military.


Next:  🙂

This dumbass (some whack-o nut job from Canada) sent me this on one of my micromaille chainmaille wallet chains (made with 3/16” ID, 28 gauge, grade 5 titanium rings…you do the math on that one):

Is this correct?? $675.00???? come on man. for a piece of grade 5 chain. even if you made each link by hand from a roll of titanium wire… $675!!! Maybe $75!! Please tell me why… I need to understand…

I know I sound like an asshole! I just fell off of my chair, that’s all ;D


P.S. Feel free to insult me, IDK… just help me to understand.

My reply:

Well…yeah…you’re definitely right about sounding like an asshole. Despite that, I will try to explain…honestly though, I normally reply to messages like yours with “If I have to explain the price, then this chain is probably not for you and you should probably go find one at walmart or some cheap chinese imported one instead of a Grade 5 titanium, US-made, handcrafted chain…”

You do understand the size of the rings on that chain, right? They are extremely small. Because of this, it takes an insane amount of time to make a chain that long. The smaller the rings used, the more the chain costs because it takes that many more (very tedious) moves to make a chain of a given size.

Additionally, Grade 5 Titanium is a pretty expensive commodity right now…it’s been getting more and more expensive over the past several years due to having fewer sources to buy the raw wire from.

Finally, the main reason the price is that high is to control demand. I can’t just pop one of these out in a day…I might be willing to consider a slightly (***SLIGHTLY***…not like $75 or $100 or some bullshit like that that you seem to think it’s worth) lower price on it, but not a whole lot lower because of what a pain in the ass these are to make with these size rings.

I’m not sure if you understand or care about my explanation. I’ve tried to resist the urge to just ignore you and block you as best I can as I normally do with people that send messages like yours. And I’ve tried to be as respectful as possible…if I’ve failed at that, I am sorry. I grow very weary of trying to defend my prices to people when it becomes clear that the people that question them are used to buying junk at flea markets or the imported garbage you see everywhere. I take a great deal of pride in the items I make and I use the best materials I can to make everything I make. The reason for that is because I want to make and sell things that I would want to buy…and I have very high standards.

His final, feeble reply:

Seems to me you’re the asshole… a hard workin artist like yourself shouldn’t be so upset about someone asking you to explain your prices! not everyone is a fucking dummy… you aren’t the only one that works with titanium, Its not that expensive!! the smaller the link the more tedious…boo hoo!! I can make a pile of links in 20 minutes! You are a joke, with no sense of hummer!!! lol ha!

My last reply to this idiot because I blocked him right after that so he couldn’t send me anymore messages:

Wow, looks like I was right about you being a cocksucker. I should’ve just blocked your dumb ass after your first retarded message, but I was trying to be nice.

Well, you’re BLOCKED NOW, ASSHOLE. Make sure and spend a lot of time trying to come up with a witty reply because I’ve blocked messages from you too…it’ll never be delivered and I’ll never see it.

Good riddance, shitbag. 🙂


Don’t worry, folks…there are haters out there EVERYWHERE, so I am sure there will be no shortage of fodder for this page…check back soon to see what new asshats emerge.  🙂


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