Frederick Christian Zinkhan Jr. is a low-balling POS

This guy’s MO is he apparently likes to go around to various groups on facebook and say he has “cold hard crisp $100 bills” to buy rare Atwood tools.

So I offered him my steel Atwood perf-baby…if you know what that is, you know what they’re worth.  This jackass offered a whopping $285 for it…can you believe that shit?  $285 for a STEEL PERFORATED PRYBABY.  I told him he either intentionally low-balled me or he thinks I am an idiot…then he changed his story and started trying to say mine “didn’t look mint” and a bunch of shit…

So then, I told him if I were to put it on ebay, the opening bid would be between $400-$500…so he took that and sent me this bullshit:

“So if you’d take $400 off ebay (which is NOT! what I said!!!  I said $400-$500!!!), I’d do $360 for the 10% they take.  There’s usually a little A51 discount added within the group also.  (WTF???  I didn’t read any shit about some discount for being in some dumbshit FB group!!!)  I think that’s a fair offer for one, when I have two, but granted, there are a few irregularities looking at that photo (again, he is full of shit).”

So I sent him this:

“Yeah, I said between $400 and $500 on ebay and that’s to account for their cut…as in, no, I won’t take $360 for it.  Good day.”

…and then this cocksucker blocked me.  hahahahahahahahahahaha

God, I love it when people get all butt-hurt about having to pay what something’s actually worth.  “But…but….I shouldn’t have to pay market value for anything because I don’t want to!!!  I am special…my mommy told me I was…that means I should be able to buy a bunch of rare Atwood tools and not give anything for them, right???  WWWAaAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhh…..booooooooohoooooooooooo………”  Fucking ass babies…I fucking HATE people like this shithead…makes me want to tell the whole world what a huge, selfish, childish pain in the ass they are.  🙂

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