Flame-colored Titanium 3-in-3 Wallet Chain (1/4″)

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  1. 8:41 pm, December 14, 2012KuleBreez  /

    Hello, found your site. Love your work. Wondering if you have made any necklaces and what the general price for a titanium one would be? And if you had any thoughts about which style would wear comfortably around the neck?


    • 4:05 pm, December 15, 2012admin  /

      Hello! Thanks very much for your note on my website!

      Yes, I have made necklaces before. The price would generally be similar to that for the wallet chains as the length is about the same. If you let me know which style you would be interested in, I can give you a more specific price.

      As far as styles that work well, pretty much all of them work well as necklaces. The 3-in-3 type works great and looks great with the flame-colored finish. Also, the 4-in-1 Half Persian looks really nice too. If you see another patten you like somewhere else, I can probably make it.

      There is also a Full Persian pattern that would work, but would only work as a necklace in smaller ring diameters due to its thickness.

      Thanks again for your note! Please let me know if I can make something for you.

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