16ga 1/4″ Grade 5 Titanium 3-in-3 – $115 (Includes shipping within the USA)

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  1. 11:06 pm, September 10, 2012john  /

    I recently asked if you could make this bracelet in a camo pattern using black. Thanks for the quick reply. I understand black anodize is a no go. It’s like anodizing aluminum white.

    I think plain titanium color would be best. Can you send me more info on sizing and how to order from here.



    Edit by TitaniumWorx:
    This person spent several days wasting my time, having me provide samples for him to examine WHICH I HAD TO MAKE and then ended up telling me he didn’t really want to buy anything. He originally told me it would take him a couple of weeks to get the funds…then when I never heard back from him, I emailed him after three weeks had gone by and he all the sudden doesn’t want anything now.

    He is now banned for life and will not be able to buy anything from me…ever.

    Folks — please don’t force me to do this…if you REALLY want to buy something, I’ll do everything I can to help you decide what you’d like in your price range…but I will NOT be jerked around like this.

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