Thanks for your interest in my gear and gadget reviews. I have plenty of items to discuss here, including Titanium gadgets, mil/tactical load-carrying equipment (includes messenger bags, deployment bags, etc.), pens and mechanical pencils, watches, jewelry, and leathergoods...and that's just to start. :-)

Please check back often for reviews on lots of really cool stuff that you don't know you need yet (but you really do. :-) )

When you read these reviews, please keep in mind that most of these items have been given to me by friends and family or belong to friends that have let me borrow them to review. On occasion, I will purchase items just to review and then resell them and use the funds to buy the next item for review. In any case, I receive absolutely no compensation (monetary or otherwise) from any of the manufacturers of the items I will review, so you can be assured you will receive my true, unbiased opinion of their quality.

If you have questions, please let me know...if I still have the item here to refer to, I'll try to answer any questions as best I can.

Boone Rings (

Another place I’ve had great dealings with is Boone Rings ( He’ll make you whatever you want. If you can describe it, draw it, or provide a picture of what you’re wanting, he will make it for you. He generally works in either 6Al-4V or 8-1-1 Titanium (your choice…8-1-1 costs a bit more). Here are [...]

Steel Flame Jewelry (

9mm Killbox on Talon chain

Most of these items are not mine and are borrowed from friends to review the items. Steel Flame makes a lot of really nice jewelry that is geared…well…I don’t really know who it’s geared toward. The main people I’ve seen wear their stuff is movie stars [...]